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Tom Jaci 04 - Chris takes control n This is the continuing story of Tom and Jaci. Were gradually in a situation where Jaci will be controlled by her husband and a man named chief Chris Carl, while her husband Tom moved quickly to very confusing. _________________________________________________________ When the phone rang Jaci looked anxiously at him and then choose. She said softly : ' Hello. ' Let Chris, waiting for a long time before he spoke a few words first, at which time she was trembling. ' Jaci ' ' Yes Chris '' I told you not access the husband to allow his body this week. Have you obeyed me?' He said. ' I'm not allowed Tom to have sex with me. He did this several times, but I said I have a headache,' said Jaci. 'All right. I want to badgirlsblog come into my office now, 'he said and hung up. Jaci slipped on the kitchen floor. My heart was pounding and there was a slight sheen of sweat badgirlsblog on his body. The nippleslowly to her breasts against the purple cotton blouse and her hand dropped between her legs and stroked her swollen labia dominates. They were full of blood before his hand made ​​the trip in her white panties. After a few moments came to their senses and quickly went to the room. He quickly took off her skirt, blouse and white panties wet and pulled out badgirlsblog a little black new underwear drawer of his desk. She put on her purple socks drawer and sat on the bed before the clothes soft, high in the legs. Then put on a dark gray dress and ran to his car. On their way to the building of the company that competed with thoughts. entered the room and closed the door behind her. Before she was secretary of Chris Johnson, a tall, elegant woman of 40 Jaci said shyly : ' I ​​have an appointment with Mr. Johnson. ' 'I can tell you are? ' Asked secretary, Jaci dimension. 'I can only say that it is Jaci said,' Jaci. Chris was immediate, uncomfortable, in the Secretariat, before he showed in ' Well, what do you Jaci,' asked Chris. ' I, I do not know what you're telling me,' said Jaci. Fun, Chris looked at the terrified woman's eyes. ' The reason we are here Jaci gets fucked by her boss to get husband back. Now they say. ' scared unsteady on her high heels and a deep and endless pounding of his blood fills with blood lips she whispered, ' I'm here to be fucked. ' pulls Chris got up and walked around the desk, where he looked. He badgirlsblog took her chin in his large hand and led her to meet her lips. She let her long caress, her red lips thick tongue, and finally analyzes the perimeter defense. After several attempts, she said, and allowed his tongue to get hot and wet mouth. His tongue explored her mouth bit strong, and she felt her own battle with the intruder tongue thick. He covered his chest and massage sensitive and hard spherefinally began to unbutton her dress. The action of the frightened and tried to take a step back. It was at this point that Jaci fully understood where he was and why he was here. keys are further apart and manipulate Jaci feel the hand covering her breasts hot big firm. When Chris massaging her breasts, rubbing the badgirlsblog front of his pants against the belly of the housewife more excited. Chris slipped the dress of his thin shoulders were bare from the waist up. Chris came and took Jaci on muscular shoulders. ' You need your dress. Take it off,' he said. Jaci came out of her dress as the dress fell to the floor with Chris was an impressive sight on Jaci middle legs wrapped in bright purple thigh high features. He leaned over and gently stroked the top of her thigh, stroking continued its slow circular until it reaches the badgirlsblog badgirlsblog tip of her black lingerie. He looked at the closed eyes of the sensual swaying housewife. His tongue licked her lips red and covered with a soft sob escaped her lips. 'Would you like Jaci my cock ? ' Chris asked. in a trance, a trance that has never experienced sexual, submissive Jaci murmured ' Yes.... Yes, I want your cock. ' ' badgirlsblog Take my shirt and my pants. I stroke my penis delicate fingers of yours, 'he said. Jaci obediently followed his master. Gently removed his shirt and then pulled his pants expensive muscular thighs. He wore no underwear and long hard cock sprang thick as the narrow limits Heen dropped his pants legs. Chris brought home a sexually poisoned the leather chair behind his desk, and she got into the soft cushions. Incredulous, he stared at his dick nine inch steel, hard as Chris knelt. He put his fingers into the waistband of the tight little black panties and slowly, painfully slowly, pulling badgirlsblog the fabric coverJaci is leaking pussy. Jaci asked him to hurry, but Chris just took some black panties on long legs. He closed his eyes, he prayed that tear the fabric of your stomach and driving his cock inside her. Chris looked at her wet pussy and welcoming, and bowed his head badgirlsblog and folds her pussy licked outside. The soft scratching Jaci took almost a climax, when lifted her hips to badgirlsblog give the pleasure of participating language. 'Please suck me......... Oh, my God !!!!!!' moaned. The most Jaci asked his tongue over his cock doubted Chris. Time is not important..... Total sexual domination is important. Chris Johnson was firmly in control of the woman asking her tail writhed beneath him. 'is the prim and proper lady badgirlsblog wants cock ? ' Chris scoffed. ' Oh God, I pray. Please wait............ I can not please me,' lamented Jaci. Chris put his hand around his penis and went to the knee several badgirlsblog steps down the legs stretched Jaci. Once theThe pleasure of the tongue stopped, opened his eyes and Jaci is revered by the big cock how to touch her ​​pussy. She lifted her ass from the ground, he married her pussy in front of the faucet. as the tip of its tail touched the lips Jaci tight but lubricated almost fainted. She felt the heat of the tip and was surprised when Chris allows the tip of its use in channel opening. ' Maybe we should not follow Jaci better if her husband comes ? ' ' No, ' said she ' You badgirlsblog want me to stop,' he wondered, a smirk on his face. 'NO...... Can not leave me......... Please, please, fuck....... OH GOD meeeeee ' Jaci cried. begging for Chris can be heard in the room clerk. There is a noise quite regularly, because she was his secretary heard 10 years ago. She had followed him from one job to another . Jaci desperately pushed against his body and grabbed her shoulders and wrapped her long legsthe back of his legs, doing everything possible to make more of his cock in his possession. ' Press fuck suck...... I want my cum n massage my penis with her ​​vagina muscles. Please, and I'll flood your hole.... let me down, and I will strap on his ass in front of the office. ' Chris ordered. Jaci volunteered with the order. She longed for liberation. Range N 'with the delicate hands of you. Milk my cock fucking little, ' continued the insulting behest of the executioners of Jaci. Jaci desperately reach Chris Hahn and enthusiastically as her pussy milked hired n against the hard body. Chris continued his mockery,' seed want my little tramp? ' All Jaci could understand was that the highlight was seconds, stroking, withdrew and asked to fuck Chris. Chris finally the pleasure that the housewife shoot production was agitated and felt his balls explode of their lives produce liquid presses Jaci pussy. Chris is climatex turns the delayed release of the housewife screaming, Chris the screaming woman can continue with your cock still pushing hard. He rested on his hips, while Jaci put inhuman winds. Their meeting badgirlsblog lasted about five minutes, as she reaches orgasm after orgasm. Finally Jaci finally burned and fell back against the sofa back in utter exhaustion. To insist on his sweat -coated body, such as heart muscle finally took its peak. After an eternity, Jaci opened his eyes and looked tired body. Her hard nipples, finally returned to its normal smoothness. She got up a bit and saw Chris 's sperm badgirlsblog dripping from her lips trembling, and fell on the carpet. His eyes focused on Chris, that cum dripping between his fingers and stuck her fingers to her lips, where he covered for the sticky salty taste. His tongue snaked, and tested the download. the Coated his body with fat and she did not resist. Finally, finally got up and gave a final order, ' clean me. ' Without hesitation, Jaci slipped badgirlsblog badgirlsblog off the badgirlsblog bed and took her tongue is the now semi -hard cock. The tail was still leaking and Jaci carefully recorded each drop as they bathed in it with her tongue and lips. After cleaning the Hahn was looking for her eggs, which cleverly badgirlsblog sucked in her wet mouth thoroughly cleaning his master. Chris then asked his secretary for a glass of water. went and looked at the cum soaked naked badgirlsblog body Jaci, and smiled. S Chris got up and walked to his desk and sat down and watched Jaci placed on his clothes wrinkled and stained. He did not speak and the housewife, shot reality, humbly dressed. heard the secretary said she would show him and horrific as Tom was in the office. badgirlsblog ' Ah Tom, you take the time with the rest of the day and take his wife home,' Chris said a surprised Tom. then turned JaciSaid. ' Jaci...... Before you go I love you, give me your black underwear. It would be a little souvenir of our meeting this afternoon,' how. humiliation is complete Jaci Tom lifted her dress and quickly badgirlsblog lowered her black lingerie small. Humiliated, the outstretched hand shaking hands with her ​​panties to the head of Tom. Chris does not have its price immediately, but we will continue offering Jaci her panties in front of Tom, and the secretary. Finally, after almost a minute off her panties and took it to her nose and inhaled the sweet mixture of sperm and pussy juice. 'I call when I want to back Jaci. ' Jaci stared at the floor to feel her pussy hole cum Chris left and drop down into your thighs. ' Yes, Chris, ' she whispered. Tom was completely exhausted, as his beautiful wife was willing to give their wet underwear was dominating her boss. He took it home and took the rest of the week ill. he coulDn'T support the idea that people know what happened, and he suspected it to get around. Any comments or TomJac to Paul901
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